Future Trends

Working in Higher Education I have experience working with several of the technology trends. A few of them mentioned in the NMC Horizon Report for Higher Education: Collaborative Learning, Improving Digital Literacy, Adaptive Learning, and Mobile Learning. I am currently working as an Instructional Technologist, therefore, I am not required to be writing curriculum but helping faculty with the integration into their courses.

In the scenario that I have chosen, I would be working with and utilizing Next Generation Science Standards to illustrate the use of collaborative learning, digital literacy, and mobile learning. This will demonstrate the use of trends and how it is relatable and adaptable to the Higher Education population. As an example, using such technologies as Google Drive/Docs and NOAA Climate applications promote group work through the research of Climate Change over a period of 10 years. Mobile learning is practiced through the use of online, interactive programs that are valuable for student practice and knowledge within and outside a classroom setting. This type of learning helps to promote higher order thinking, better self-esteem and Leadership Skills (NMC Horizon Report, 2017). The NMC Horizon Report also highlights that work independently in the workplace isn’t something that usually happens. At the least, other employees usually need or are required to give feedback on your work (NMC Horizon Report, 2017). Based on what this report says Collaborative Learning will not only teach students skills in their specific field of study but will also help them develop skills needed in order to thrive in the workplace.

The NMC horizon report: 2017 higher education edition. (2017). Retrieved from The New Media Consortium website: http://cdn.nmc.org/media/2017-nmc-horizon-report-he-EN.pdf

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