Final Thoughts and Self Evaluation


Coming from a small institution where I have been working as an Instructional Technologist for seven years. I have found myself to be more technical and practiced less with applying learning theories and best practices. I came into this class eager to learn and built up my skills but I was also very nervous. Since this is something out of my realm I wasn’t sure if I would be able to accomplish what I needed to finish the class and retain the information I was looking to find. After a lot of panic each week when our new assignments were posted, finally I made it through. Thinking back at the start when I never thought I would reach the end goal. Not only did I reach the finish line I was able to gain more confidence and a better understanding of Instructional Design.


The projects  I worked through have helped me in my professional career, with finding new tools to use at my institution and also being able to apply my technical knowledge to curriculum to enhance learning for students. Following the major learning theories when designing my projects for this course made the perspective of the learner more clearer for me. Since I am not a direct educator, instead I am responsible for training educators, I never had to apply these technologies for a course that I am teaching. When designing trainings and workshops for teachers I will be able to better understand the needs of the students and faculty. This will lead to a more impactful technology integration for the students at my institution.


Blog Post Self-Evaluation


Content (Proficient 65 points)

The last few posts I struggled with a bit. I think the main reason was due to not having great experience in the content area I was trying to apply my projects too. Although it was difficult I did learn a quite a bit by completing these projects.

Readings and Resources (Outstanding 20 Points)

Proper resources were used and formatted in APA style.

Timeliness (Outstanding 20 points)

Since I was limited for time during the week I would try to get my blog posts done as soon as the content for the week was released on Sundays. I was usually the first or second person to post.

Responses to Other Students (Outstanding 30 points)

I met the requirements every week to post on two of my classmates blog posts. A lot of times I would ask questions about what they wrote, I found it to be more of a learning experience for me rather than me providing feedback on their work.

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