3 thoughts on “Using Video in the Classroom”

  1. I like how the first speaker talked about self-directed learning, especially when it comes to learning new technologies. I’m impressed you were able to find five people to interview so quickly! The third speaker talked about having her middle school students actually create video, and I think the benefits of multimedia production in the classroom can’t be overstated – once the students are actually able to get hands-on education and be more involved in the process, they are so much more engaged in the learning process and invested in doing the work and learning new skills. It’s amazing to see how some students will open up when given a chance to be creative in the classroom or learn material in a new way using technology.

  2. Hi, Nicole! I love that some of the folks you interviewed discussed having students create video. We often get so wrapped up in how we, as educators, use video for our purposes, but we forget that we can just as easily make video a formative and creative assessment piece for our students.

  3. It is really great that everyone is using video in their class. I think that two instructors had a response to the video in their lesson and one of those two actually had content creation as a part of the lesson. That is moving up the ladder of including multimedia in their curriculum. One way videos is the first step. I wonder if teachers are using multimedia in class the way they consume it in their daily lives. That is, how often do they create multimedia content as opposed to consuming it?

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